workshOPERA/Téte a Téte 2015/16

Photos by Claire Shovelton

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“Rarely have we wanted an opera to continue longer than it did. Rarely has immersive,

integrative theatre been so seamless, organized, and cohesive”


- Schmopera

Nominated for a British New Music Theatre award, this immersive night-club opera received two revivals at the legendary London venue, EGG.

Twink, Cub and Fag Hag are three friends on a night out in fictional gay club Paradaezia. As the evening descends into debauchery, Twink soon discovers the price of a high is an inevitable low.

LIBRETTO: Dominic Kimberlin

MUSIC: Vahan Salorian


STARRING (2016 Production):

Guy Elliot, Iestyn Morris, Jack Holton, Sam Carl, Emily Kyte, Natalie Davies...

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“Truly genre-breaking”


- Bachtrack

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"A unique brand of theatre that has the potential to deconstruct and revitalise the world of opera and theatre"


- A Younger Theatre