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The Becket Pageant for London (Musical)

(Becket Pageant) July 2022

Beauty and the 7 Beasts (Opera)

(The Opera Story) November 2021

Find Your Inner Diva (Drag/Flute Piece)

(National Flute Association of America)

August 2021


Opera Mums: with Bryony Kimmings (Opera Doc.)

(Tigerlily/BBC4) 2020

Alien in the Streets (mini street Opera)

(Téte a Téte) 2019

A Winter's Tale (incidental music)

(The Tower Theatre) 2018

Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs (Opera)

(The Opera Story) 2018

Boys of Paradise (Opera)

(workshOPERA) 2015/16

A Midsummer Night's Dream (incidental music)

(GSMD-Milton Court) 2014


Goldilocks Overture/Act 3 Opening (2018) for Chamber Orchestra




Paradaezia (2016)  for Symphony Orchestra


Shifting (2011) for Flute and Strings

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Episodes (2020)

3 songs for The Opera Story lockdown project


Melancholy /The Last Time I Saw You

(2014- revised 2021)

Song in the City, Creative Madness Project

Performed by Donna Leonard and Gavin Thomas


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Goldilocks- opening aria- Alice Privet

Daddy Bear- aria- Nicolas Lester


Coppelia- Love Duet

00:00 / 02:12

Coppelia- Clone Dance

00:00 / 01:59